Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Somebody Check the Statute of Limitations

JJV reports:

Here is an interesting article on Banastre Tarleton taking our battle flags after kicking us all over the place in the Revolutionary War. He is the model for the bad guy in Mel Gibson's "The Patriot." The flags are from Connecticut, where I used to live, and Virginia, where I now live. [Ed. - Coincidence? Hmmm...] They seem to be worth quite a lot. Apparently, if you beat Americans in some battle we pay you to give us our stuff back. If you lose to us, we pay you to take your damn country back. No wonder wars are so expensive.

Which raises the serious question: If Virginia and Connecticut had a fight who would win?

That question is far too important to be left to your humble host to decide. Plus, it's late. Comment away!

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Mike said...

Speaking as a fellow citizen of one of the U.S.'s four Commonwealths, I'll vote Virginia.

Of course, they manufacture drinking straws in Danbury, don't they? Hmm. Betting against drinking straw workers will get you in trouble every time.

Oh, well. I stick with VA.