Monday, December 19, 2005

Another eggnog over here, please

JJV celebrates Yule:

I am reading The Second Chrestomathy by Mencken, edited by Terry Teachout. Mencken is a very disagreeable man (very pro-German and anti-Victorian). In any event, this blog links to some interesting things Teachout has to say on his recent very close brush with death. In addition it links to a piece at NeoCon central on the abolition of limbo. Teachout's piece is very well written like all that he does. As for the abolition of limbo, the unbaptized babies are going to be quite cross with these innovators. (Although I don't think it was an official doctrine just something to neaten up loose theological ends). Virgil seemed to take Dante there but apparently, like Rick Blaine going to Casablanca for the waters, he was misinformed.

Ed. note - I thought I'd read Clement Moore to the kids this year, but now I'm reconsidering.

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Mike said...

The best I've been able to muster lately, reading list wise, is Jack Klugman's Tony And Me: A Story of Friendship.

But as a Tony Randall scholar, it was required reading.