Thursday, December 08, 2005

Housekeeping time!

New additions to the blogroll at right:

Seeing that I am a fan of Overheard in New York, the knowledgeable host of Mike's Minutiae has directed me to Overheard in Dublin, which is highly entertaining although a glossary seems to be required. Mike agrees, adding:
But I did learn that "skanger" (or "scanger") is an Irish equivalent
to "white trash."
One down, at least.

Increasingly regrettably prolific contributor JJV recommends Galley Slaves, run by the online editor of the Weekly Standard. I am not the biggest fan of the WS in any of its incarnations, but the eclectic nature of the site's blogroll and posts are relatively refreshing. Its host is also a big Georgetown basketball fan; while I myself got a master's from GU, I grew up in the same town as Hall of Fame Coach Jim Boeheim. Woo! Go Orange! JJV said he would put in a good word for this blog to be included on the other's blogroll, but that may have gotten me banned for life.

One of Laura's friends from graduate school is Jeri Smith-Ready, published author, philosopher, dog fosterer, scone-baker, environmentalist, and blogger.

The Links of Interest section announces the arrival of the absolutely correctly-named Your one stop for researching airport lounges and everything else involving food and flight.

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