Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Thanks for the tip, Your Holiness

This just in - Pope warns sin is not fun.

It figures he would make this observation during the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, an event which entailed absolutely no possibility for fun for anyone.

Indirect tiara tip to JJV who normally would not countenance making sport of the Holy Father. Better hit that second collection hard this weekend.

Also please note the addition of the source of this and other oddball stories to the blogroll, somewhere off to the right.

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Mike said...

I, for one, feel betrayed. I had been led to believe by marketing professionals that artificially-sweetened, low-cal dessert treats were sinfully delicious. The distinct impression was left that partaking of these products was (a) sinful, and (b) fun.

To discover now that I had been misled shatters much of my worldview (having carefully crafted a belief system centered upon artificially-sweetened, low-cal dessert treats). Well, this blows my whole weekend.