Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bonnie Prince Charlie

Ed. note - JJV filed this a while back and the story has since been discounted, but it deserves to see the light of day solely for its Angloinstitutionophilic qualities. On with the show:

Ok, the heir to the throne has done yeoman's work in resisting the uglification of British architecture. I don't hate him like many Diana-fetishists. But to take the name King George VII, harkening back to the German, famously mad loser of America, over the fine Charles III really annoys me.

Charles I resisted the leveling impulses of swinish upstarts, the Puritans, and gave one of the finest gallows speeches of all time. Charles the II put paid to the foul Cromwellian interregnum and restored British normalcy. Certainly this Royal can't begrudge him a mistress or two. Most of all, Scotland (and Ireland) are to be forgiven a certain fondness for the true heirs to the throne long ago usurped by Protestant, German meddlers. Cullloden ended all hope but Scotland remembers.

Victoria Regina made Britain whole and the old cause is dead (although I met the current Jacobite heir when I was in highschool), but there is no shame in the name Bonnie Price Charles. This Prince has all the public relations savvy of New Coke.

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