Saturday, January 28, 2006

He says "saloon-bar witticism" like it's a bad thing...

JJV observes his compatriots from across the pond:

William Hague was a failure as Conservative Party leader. However, he appears on quiz shows and is a very bright boy. Here are his comments on the French and Germans. The article misstates one item in saying that the French and Germans can laugh at themselves. This actually may be true of the French but I believe it is impossible for the Germans.

Also, as a sex tip, I have never found easier to follow advice than "drinking lots of red wine and being totally unreasonable."

Here is a question. Which prominent American politicians would do best at Jeopardy? For the Democrats I nominate Bill Clinton. For the Republicans- William Weld (he has to be good for something and I believe this is it). Any other nominations?

Ed. note - Gingrich for the GOP, with his cross-generational cultural knowledge derived from his serial marriages. For the third spot, Nader of course. Unfortunately for him, his clicker will turn out to be manufactured defectively and he will be prevented from going on to Final Jeopardy (Category: The Chevrolet Corvair).


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Well, if were still alive, I'd suggest Daniel Patrick Moynahan (sp?).

Anonymous said...

C'mon, the line about the Germans was funny. And I thought his point about re-enacting Trafalgar without mentioning the French (and the Spanish! Know your own history, dude!) is kind of silly. I thought the two slurs at the French were over the line, though.

How about Barack Obama for the Dems? He seems to be their answer to everything nowadays ...


Dave S. said...

Oh, no disagreement on the German line, either from myself or, i suspect, JJV. I think the reference was to the German inability to laugh at themselves.

The omission of the Spanish may itself have been a deep-cover insult to their performance at Trafalgar, in which they did not especially distinguish themselves (as opposed to the French, who killed Nelson after all).