Saturday, January 21, 2006

On this, JJV is pro-French

Ed. note - Another in a series of long-delayed contributions from JJV which, like fine wine, just gets better with age or perhaps turns into vinegar. On with Le Show!

Should France itself teach its sons and daughters it's a rotten country? Not to please Third World Dictators and habitual whiners. That's what its Foreign Office is for.

In truth, French Colonialism inspired at least two good things: the French Foreign Legion (Beau Geste), and Casablanca (the Movie). Plus, there are now many more beaches in the world where the women don't wear tops solely because the English did not win them all.

In fact, even I get teary when they sing the Marseillaise in Casablanca. (Of course in real life the bastards shot at us as we invaded North Africa in Operation Torch).


Mike said...

Le Show?

Dave S. said...

I figured you would catch that. I set a special Digital Gadabout Trap - didn't have to wait long!