Saturday, January 21, 2006

Setting Sons VII/Daughters II

His obituary makes only passing mention of the Royal Marines but it features an insect physiologist (presumably a physiologist of insects and not a six-legged physiologist) named Sir Vincent Wigglesworth. JJV notes that "Phileas Fogg would be in a club like this guy's."

JJV continues:

Now, this guy was born in Africa, first joined the Rhodesian railway
and then the Kings Rifles. Then the SAS and back to Africa to build. I'm sure Mugabe has torn it all down now. I do not know the tune "Highland Laddie."

Ed. note - I was unaware of the importance of employing bagpipers to maintain the element of surprise in commando operations but the SAS presumably knew what it was doing.

Finally, she kept the home fires burning, then hit the links.

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