Friday, January 27, 2006

You Can Take a Man out of the Large Midwestern University...


I never thought I'd write this but at my last check up I was prepped by two 26-year-old Swedish nurses... wait, that's what I never thought I'd write to Penthouse Forum...

What I'd really thought I'd never write is that today's piece by Richard Cohen says it all. I used to live in Jersey City and knew a Korean war veteran who had a bust of the Duke in his living room. He and his wife also had a picture of Boss Hague on the wall. They always voted Democrat and he could break a skinny guy like me (then) or you ([then and] now) in two without sweating. Methinks he's a Republican now. Who are the he-man Democrats? I recall your links to The Quiet Man and Genghis Khan, but Sgt. Stryker and Rooster Cogburn are more salient here.

"Fill your hands." (Wait, that's the Swedish nurse story again.)

JJV (Name withheld by request but added back in regardless)

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