Saturday, March 11, 2006

Alma Mater Matters

Alumni rush to the barricades (Pottery Barn item #1789, catalog only,
bronze patina or distressed wood finish) in the latest installment of The Hamilton Insurgency.

Fellow Hamilton alum JJV got this from Powerline (go find it yourself if you're so inclined), which I find odd given his own agitation for the insurgents. Or is it agita?

I personally am going to use my two votes to write in Ward Churchill and David Horowitz. At least meetings will be more lively.

Update 3/28: My dream candidates are set to debate! Below, the candidates are seen prior to what promises to be a high-minded exchange of views:


LAM said...

Others choose to tilt at windmills.

Dave S. said...

Yes, but it is the only remaining example of a three-story 19th-century windmill in the US.

LAM said...

Need I fear we'll be embarrassed in June as our own faithful Dapple charges headlong into battle against steeples, windmills, Germans (. . . they are coming, you know), WMD, and many other phatoms of the mind, past and present?

Dave S. said...

Ooohhh, the Germans...

Hey, he's not my year. Plus, we have to balance embarrassment vs. entertainment. JJV is all about balance, you know.