Friday, April 21, 2006

God Save the Queen.

Ed. Interruption - Of greater import is the fact that today is my wife Laura's birthday. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! OK, back to the Brit-love.

I must note the birthday (80th) of the Queen of the Britons and of course the Telegraph has a nice little piece on her contribution to the Sceptered Isle's "mystic chords of memory."

But, keeping in mind Her other Realms and Dominions of the Anglosphere, I found the Ukrainian Canadian communities' take on it particularly interesting as I think our Orthodox readers might. Ok, reader.

There are a number of Loyal Toasts which must be officially approved (or else they wouldn't be loyal I presume). As the link notes "Ukrainians in Britain petitioned the Queen for permission to formally give the Loyal Toast in this manner: Ladies and Gentlemen - The Queen, Descendant of Saint Volodymyr the Great of Kyiv." I understand it has since been approved.

And here I thought the Ukrainian revolution's choice of Orange was harmless.

Ed. Note - We mean it, man!

Kyivan rulers (i.e. descendants of Volodymyr) did quite a brisk business in marrying off their daughters to other European royal houses before the Mongols (led by the guy who's related to everyone, or one of his descendants, but that doesn't narrow it down) put the kibosh on Kyiv.

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