Friday, May 19, 2006

Can Nothing Get Done in My absence?

I note that Mr. Slattery has not posted in almost a week. I've been sending him stuff. But Nothing. Maybe the flu took a lot out of him. I mean its not like losing 5lbs for you and me. Slattery loses 5lbs and his will kicks in.

And because in my house we put ideology aside to bring on the funny, I will post a brief message from the Lefty Chick Dave linked to on my Wash. Post. limp biscuit article wherein I commented regarding the luffing sails (Greenwich Ct. reference) of certain undergraduates. I then heartily approved of the young lady's views that Slat's linked to. Upon making her aware of my prescence I received this: "Well, I'll admit. That was pretty damn amusing." As Jessica Rabbit said "He makes me laugh." I still will not roll over for the advance of the Vanguard, or any contemplated change in control of the Means or Production.

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