Friday, May 26, 2006

Van Hapsburg? Doesn't Van Helsing Get Anything?

Well, I'm all for Communist seizures being undone and I think the 20th Century would have been a lot less bloody if the Hapsburgs had been left in their ancient demenses. Nonetheless, the Van (Von?) Helsings chased that neck sucking fiend through crypt, muck, and mire, across four continents and many generations (according to the movies). They ought to get something for their troubles.

Also, I have always loved the mid-century expression of disbelief "Oh Sure, and I'm Marie of Romania." Her descendants get a castle.


Dave S. said...

Contributors will refrain from channeling Jonah Goldberg on this site. Thank you.

jjv said...

Well, it was all JJV right off the cuff, however, no slatterns, no Goldberg? I chafe under this tyranny!

Dave S. said...

And no more hilarious references to my not paying taxes! I would like to assure General Hayden that he is only joking.