Monday, June 26, 2006

Iv Der Ist und Bear in Der Voods Der Soon Vont Be.

I found this link disturbing on many levels. First, there is the European bureacracy. According to this article there have been no wild bears in Germany in 170 years. But Bavaria keeps a bear expert on the payroll. Apparently his job is to say "Yep, its a bear, shoot it." Now this Brown bear is tiny and tame compared to the mammoth grizzlies our tree huggers want to reintroduce everywhere, but it strikes me as odd the Italians would try to reintroduce it and the nature loving Germans would shoot it for a little honey robbing and sheep killing. Best of all the crack Finland dog team of bear hunters was not able to get into the action. Now, if they can't cooperate on capturing a single bear, how is the European joint strike force going to work?

The depopulation of Germany, sort of a reverse leibenstraum project, brought to you by Spenglering civilizational decline and an adherence to the hyper-Enlghtenment project of the pleasure principle the Germans have undertaken, has allowed wolves to encroach on the eastern border and now bears to the south. As Steven Colbert would say, "The Bear threat can not be underestimated."

Finally, the national song must now be "Deutscheland, Deutscheland, no bear alles."

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