Thursday, June 15, 2006

Li'l Fristies

The Huffington Post links to this article on Senate Majority Leader/Presidential wannabe/heart surgeon Bill Frist, looking at the potential impact of his medical school activities, specifically his cruising of animal shelters for cats to use as dissectees. In some places that might be viewed as a plus but there is some concern that this kind of thing might not play well nationally.

As I put it to Laura the other night, you've got a problem if your opponents can state your negatives as "CATKILLER."

The article itself takes the opportunity to employ most of the known cat similes, metaphors and cliches, and is worth reading for that alone.


jjv said...

The Democratic Party has as one of its main tenets forcing every taxpayer to fund the destruction of human life. (embryonic stem cell research). Catkilling strikes me as tame. In Tennessee they have used this against him for many years, but it has been ineffective in a state whose most famous son "killed a b'ar when he was only three." He has a bigger problem he is dull, dull, dull. I once saw him at a huge gathering of festive, celebratory, conservatives ready to heartily cheer any kind of red meat. Despite giant screens beaming his image all about he seemed small and roused no enthusiasm. I think he would have had a better reception had he dissected a cat. I also think this is a "base" issue. That is I think that on the margins, cats are favored by Democrats and dogs by Republicans. I know of only one conservative man who likes cats (he is also partial to wheat beers).

The article is catnip to his opponants however.

Anonymous said...

I would be delighted if Republicans chose to view "CATKILLER" as a plus in their presidential primaries.

jjv said...

The comment of the last poster also raises an international relations problem. Cats were highly favored by Islam's Mohammed. While dogs are unclean, cats figure positively in stories of his life. Could the catkiller Frist negotiate the delicate diplomacy needed to win the war on terror? Would not his catkilling ways inflame international opinion in the Middle East? Infidel and catkiller probably is not a plus in getting Iran (Persian cats?) to disarm.