Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Into Our Third Century of Posts

I didn't want to waste the 200th post on administrative matters, so I gave the honored spot to this item which is more interesting anyway. Nevertheless, there have been a couple of additions to the site and I wanted to make them known.

The "People I Know" section of the blogroll welcomes Jacob Gelber, thirteen-year-old son of a friend of ours who once served (the friend, not the son) as the official gynecologist for one of our epic CRH-organized canoe trips. It was actually the only time (I think) that we actually needed a medic, so it's good we had a specialist. Anyway, Jacob writes (and produces art) on a variety of topics, including New Orleans and one of the better descriptions of paintball I have read in terms of capturing the sense of the action. Tuck in that ankle!

Knowing that some of the links off this site feature naughty words, we cleared linking to Jacob's site with a past expert on obscenity and inappropriate behavior: Jacob's mother. Her summary now graces the top of the page as our new subtitle. (JJV suggested that we place it off to the side with other quotes from other readers, but as we are lacking in the other readers department I thought it best to promote the quote upwards.)

Finally, I have been remiss in not providing a link to my hometown of Lyons, New York. All kidding aside, it was a great place to grow up and we always enjoy going back to visit.

Update 11/8/2006: Jacob's mother weighs in in the comments. For the record, she is also a friend (I don't limit myself to specialists) and has not lost a step in the obscenity/inappropriateness department. I am reminded, as if that were necessary, of the consequences of ticking her off. I will go for two by saying "Blimey, Don Francisco, I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!"


jjv said...

And America became 300 million strong about this time. Coincidence? I thnk not.

areeee said...

yea thanks for linking to my blog.

Robin Tuttle said...

I am somewhat insulted by your introduction to Jacob as the son of a friend of yours. (a gynecologist - that would be Steve). WTF am I? Chopped liver? Have I not endured your Monty Python/Life and Death recitations (Dave) and Republican ravings (John) enough to merit being called a friend?
And, btw, obscenity and inappropriate behavior are still very much a part of my life!