Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Overheard in DC

"Smith girls are sexual Jacobites."

Discuss, keeping in mind that I did not say it.

Update - The utterer of the above utterance has questioned its wording in comments, claiming that "Jacobins" rather than "Jacobites" was the term used. However, I have just confirmed the quotation with a second source, in addition to the original source I mentioned in comments. This not only confirms the veracity of the wording as represented, but I believe we may now charge the utterer with treason. Hopefully the torture bill (now in law form!) provides for the indefinite detention of combative enemies of coeducation.


Anonymous said...

Jacobins. I'm a Jacobite.

Dave S. said...

I confirmed the quote with someone who actually heard it. Of course, I did not account for bias on the part of the listener, but he is usually pretty meticulous when not napping on his bathroom floor.

jjv said...

Ok, perhaps whoever said this did so while having overindulged in adult beverages. Nonetheless, it should be Jacobins. Jacobites are loyal to the true King and Church. Jacobins, not so much.

Whatever was overheard on the streets of D.C. I know where you could find a guy who would support the Jacobin analogy.

Anonymous said...

Adding credence to the quote is yet a third person (the server who quoted it back later in the evening without correction by the Original Utterer). By that point, though, the Original Utterer was resting his head gently on the table, so I think we can agree that he may not have had his game at that precise moment.

There was a slight inebriated slur when the Original Utterer spoke the word "Jacob***," so perhaps his message was not issued as intended.

More alarming is his admission above that he is a sexual Jacobite. Does that mean that he has Stuart tartan sheets?

Accuser #1

jjv said...

Ach! If its not Scottish, its crrrrap.

(with apologies to Mike Meyers)