Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hey, Agent 19.

Now, I have not been able to hear the smooth stylings of Director Woolsley but hope to fix this technical glitch. However, I could not resist linking. Steely Dan was very popular when I was in school, even though Aja was released in 1977 it was a staple back in 1982-86 dorm rooms. I never owned albums of any kind in college but most of my roommates did, and Steely Dan's sound stays with you. It also turns out that the boys have turned a bit to the right and somehow they have hooked up with Woolsey, whose enthusiasm now is trying to get America to subsidize fuel cell cars so that we can get out of the Middle East. Plus, I just found out on Slate they have new albums out that have been well recieved by people who receive these things.

So, being CIA Director beats being KGB director in the able to play music with aging rockstars department. But, just as Charlie don't surf, Osama don't Rock n' Roll and the CIA remains unable to find its own posterior with both hands. And I will say so even if George Tenet manages to appear on a double bill with Toby Keith and the Dixie Chicks.

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Dave S. said...

Charlie may, in fact, surf after all.