Saturday, December 16, 2006

Holocaust Denial Its Not Just For Mel Gibson Anymore!

Well, let it not be said that I am technologically unsavy. Here I am posting after the Google-Blogger debacle. There was just a conference in Teheran on whether or not the destruction of European Jewry by Hitler actually occurred. It was hosted by a man who vows to finish the job that Hitler apparently did not start. The reason for this conference is to delegitimize Israel. If there was no Holocaust why did Jews need a homeland on "Arab land?." In fact, whether it was "Arab Land" in the way the Arabs mean when they decide to destroy Israel is irrelevant to Israel's legitimacy. A whole people of 7 million, recognized by most of the governments of the world and governed by a multiparty democracy now exists there. Moreover, if the Jews were not there before their Moslem antagonists, why did the Dome of the Rock have to be built over the Jewish Temple? In fact, expunging Jewish history and presence in the Holy Land is a large part of the Arab program.

There are routinely more resolutions against Israel in the General Assembly of the U.N. than against all other powers combined. Whole nations are allowed in the U.N. who swear to destroy Israel and put all Jews to the sword. This Hanukkah it is painfully obvious that the children of Israel will always be in need of Maccabees.

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