Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Old Dominion and The Anglosphere

While posting on Viscount Monckton I noted that this fellow Andrew Cusak is more of a monarchist than anyone who posts on this blog (I mean of course Slattery). Virginia upheld the Stuart cause against Cromwell and it is still legal to hunt foxes from horseback here (not like in Labor-ruled Blighty).

The posts on the link above are priceless. I had forgotten that Prince Phillip was Orthodox and did not know he had returned to Orthodoxy, nor that his mother was a nun of that religion. From what I've read he has to much sense and backbone to be an Anglican so it does not surprise.

Another thing about Cusak, he links to the (now deceased) author "Peter Simple" who often related the news in his loca "Feudal Times and Reactionary Herald" which I believe I've mentioned before I want a subscription to.

Dave, what say you to a road trip South next year to meet her Majesty.

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Dave S. said...

Yes, Cusak just barely edges me out in the monarchist department, while his commenters leave me in the dust. When I get around to rebuilding the blogroll I think I will add this site.

I would love to meet the Queen, as it would add to my small collection of World Political or Religious Leaders or Apollo Astronauts I Have Met. She would be a twofer in that regard (three if Harrison Schmitt hadn't replaced her on 17 at the last minute), and we'd only have to drive a couple of hours (45 minutes if you took the wheel).