Wednesday, February 21, 2007

That is a sword, and I'm not happy to see you

JJV sent me this account of a man, his sword, his self-appointed duty to uphold justice, and, not surprisingly in retrospect, his subsequent arrest.

Unfortunately for his cause, he admitted that he had "extended" the weapon at the non-rapist, which in fencing is generally considered an aggressive action. Although it was a saber, by which rules simply setting foot on the strip is an aggressive action and is to be countered by yelling, running and whacking, not necessarily in that order and not necessarily in the direction of one's opponent.

Herewith my entry for Extreme Screenplay Paraphrasing, from Mamet no less:

"Just like a man who lives with his mom, to bring a sword to a porno movie."


jjv said...

According to the article he pointed the sword at the guy and asked "where is she?" The supposed girl under attack. The Genovese case in the 60's shocked the conscience of NY because nobody showed up to help the girl even though everybody heard. This whole case is a travesty. If anyone should be arrested its the guy watching pornagraphic movies of rapings.

Dave S. said...

Yes, yes, we know, the 60s sucked.

It is by no means clear that the DVD depicted rape. The police should probably review the evidence again just to be sure.

And PURELY THEORETICALLY HERE, if I'm sitting at home watching porno the last thing I'd want is some guy barging in with a sword. You can't possibly disagree with that.

Anonymous said...

You say "suck" like it's a bad thing ...

But I digress.

I don't think the law is bound by "right of way" interpretations in terms of establishing threatening behavior. And I thought that right of way rules were important to foil, not saber. In any event, to me this is a trivial non-criminal case. The guy who kicked the door down should apologize for the misunderstanding, pay for the door and lock damage, and maybe get his neighbor a gift certificate to the nearest porno store.


Dave S. said...

I think there is some sort of right of way in saber, but as Worf would say, "It is... different."

Trivial non-criminal cases are the lifeblood of our justice system! Aren't they?

I think the guy should stop playing with his sword while living with his mom. If you know what I mean.

LAM said...

Was the sword curved, like a scimitar?