Saturday, February 17, 2007

What Ever Happened to Little Triangle Space Ships?

As if we did not have enought to worry about it appears the earth could be destroyed by asteroids. Now, I am blissfully unconcerned about global warming but this has me spooked. Not only has the earth been hit by asteroids before, the result has always been bad for existing species, usually locally, but in big enough impacts, globally. As a homeowner I also tend to worry about its effects on property values.

This fellow seems to believe its a job for the U.N. using "space tractors." I believe giving the job to Buzz Lightyear of Star Command would be a more realistic plan. Further, what is less cool than this "space tractor" idea. Send Bruce Willis to drill and kill the asteroids; Nuke em; send rockets to knock them off course. All would be cooler than this lamo idea. Heck, the little hyperspace triangle rocket with limitless bullets is cooler than this and its 80's technology! The American people will not get behind a tractor not made by John Deer. For space to be interesting it needs the coolness factor, more so now that our lives depend upon it.

The Asteroid menace needs to be countered. I insist, that the solution not only be real, but spectacular.


LAM said...

Isn't there an obelisk in DC you can open, say some magic chords, and zap the asteroid to bits? Oh yeah, wear a condom.

LAM said...

Upon further consideration: better wear protection for both heads.