Monday, March 19, 2007

Belated St. Patrick's Day Post-on St. Joseph's Day

Slattery was evidently to inebriated to post anything on St. Patrick's day and as I acknowlege the Feast Day through prayer and fasting and so was unvailable (and also attended a St. Patrick Day celebration at the White House). CRH-also an Irishman blogged on his usual schedule.

Above is a post noting the contributions of the Irish to the Republican party, particularly in Connecticut. I think Ronald Reagan's ancestors and his father were Catholic but he was a Protestant and I rarely consider them "Irishmen."

Notably the majority of the Conservative Party of NY, and indeed a disproportionate amount of conservatives in America, hail from Ireland.

Up the Irish.


Dave S. said...

When I wasn't grocery shopping or trying to get a laptop to talk to the Internet I was drinking, so guilty as charged.

However, the second part of that sentence is a jawdropper. Most readers of this blog know that JJV's traditional Lenten observance is abstention from alcohol with the following "partial inspiration for the Reformation" intricate yet more or less legal exceptions:

1) Sundays are apparently not officially part of Lent, so at 12:00.01 AM it's off to the races.

2) St. Patrick's Day. Miss Irish Mist 1992, if you're out there please back me up on this.

So, unless by "prayer and fasting" you mean skipping solid food and ritually intoning "O Lord, where is our server, the pitcher's dry" I'm afraid I must once again set the record straight.

Anonymous said...

Yes, using history as my guide, I can't imagine that JJV had a spare fist for blogging on St. Pat's.


Anonymous said...

I am Miss Irish Mist 1992. I distinctly remember Bullfeathers where JJV had interrupted his intense regimen of prayer and fasting to extricate a drunk and disorderly Dave Slattery from that establishment. I will be ever grateful for his kind acquiescence to having a fine distilled spirit with me and taking the poloroid which I treasure to this day.

Dave S. said...

All of the preceding comment is true except for the section after "Anonymous said..." although there were distilled spirits and at least one Polaroid. Also a souvenir pen which I threw out only recently.

It was actually JJV who interrupted my intense regimen of studying for grad school comprehensive exams to drag me (ow! my arm!) to said establishment. Erstwhile blogger CRH was there as well, as I recall.