Friday, March 09, 2007

Fish in a Right-tilting Barrel

Potpourri is dried-up stuff that was fresh a while back, so it is only fitting that I blog now about the latest volley in the culture war, now that the initial flurry has died down.

I speak, of course, about Conservapedia, the true and proper (and American, but I repeat myself) unbiased response to the one-world-government/socialist/[your straw man here] Wikipedia. Here is why it's better than Wikipedia, including (by implication) that no reputable site would report that Rutgers was invited to join the Ivy League. Quick, my smelling salts!

You really can lear a lot from this site. For example, I was not aware that Reagan was president in 1989 (OK, past January anyway), when the USSR collapsed. Boy, those coup plotters MUST have been tanked to try to take over a country that had disappeared two years previously!

The "Today in History" feature on the main page lists events for five different days, but I believe Cheney once said "Reagan taught us that calendars don't matter" or some such, which would also explain the premature declaration of the USSR's collapse.

Not surprisingly, the site also has the last word on supply-side economics.

For a while it appeared that liberal terrorists had infiltrated the site to foul the otherwise-pristine waters, but diligent editing appears to have taken care of the entries on George Washington and the Contras.

The site used to be extraordinarily slow and crashed frequently, probably from the effort of preventing liberal bias. It seems to work fine now, though, probably due to liberal neglect. Those lefties just can't win!

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