Monday, April 09, 2007

Oh Canada, We Stand On Guard for Thee.

Today marks the 90th anniversary of a great Canadian victory. At Vimy the Canadians drove back the German army that had thwarted the West for more than three years. Again and again Canadian troops, in concert with Commonwealth and Empire fought and defeated tyrannies the world over.

I am depressed over the abject behavior of the 15 British sailors and marines recently captured by Iran while on lawful, U.N. sanctioned duty, and the response of Her Majesty's Government and entire Nation, but Canada has experienced a similiar change in outlook.

A conservative writer in Canada marks Vimy here with some thoughts that trend my way: Edited JJV URL, but he came close! - ed.

Hat tip David Frum of NRO.

When will these people remember who they are?

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