Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Soundstage Legal

JJV sent me a link a while back which, while I could not be bothered to piece together the multiline URL, apparently referred to a recent episode of Boston Legal which had an oh-so-topical reference to Joe Biden's characterization of Barack Obama as "articulate."

By a shocking coincidence I actually watched that episode, in another borderline-pointless attempt to get BL to impress me in any way. The most successful approach so far has been to watch the show as a meta-experiment to see how James Spader is using his character as a platform from which to morph into William Shatner. He's getting the puffiness down, though I actually get nervous watching the overstuffed Shatner, and the next step would be the battery of carefully-honed tics and mannerisms. The two-fisted hit to the back obviously would turn this into "appointment TV" for me.

I also noticed a bizarre resemblance between Candice Bergen and Paula Abdul from the week before last's American Idol, but that is too weird to pursue.

I must say that I am not a big watcher of David Kelley programs in general, but I have noticed that while they are invariably set in Boston, no one AT ALL on any of the shows has a Boston accent (tahk about ahticulate!!!). As a former resident of the Hub of the Universe I also find it amusing that the trials in BL appear to take place in the Public Library, but this is understandable as the actual courthouses are either unattractive or hidden behind other unattractive buildings or both. Having a librarian occasionally pop into the courtroom to shush people would be fun, as long as they didn't use that stupid zoomy camerawork that makes the rest of the show so "edgy."

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