Tuesday, May 15, 2007

When in Doubt, Housekeep

I made a few changes to the blogroll in advance of what I anticipate will be a major reorganization of the site links. However, said reorganization depends on hearing from my co-bloggers, as I intend to steal an idea from Lawyers, Guns and Money and set up blogger-specific blogrolls. The primary impetus is to disavow any interest in Hugh Hewitt's site, so you can understand my concern at not hearing from JJV and CRH on this.

Not having heard from CRH on anything blog-related, I have half a mind to let JJV compose our erstwhile collaborator's list of "favorites." The other half of my mind remains decent and honorable, but as with the stock market, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Or something like that. Now you see why I am not in finance.

Update: Behold the right side of the page! I had to put on special gloves for modifying JJV's blogroll. Modifying CRH's blogroll, of course, took no effort whatsoever. HINT!

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