Friday, June 08, 2007

Comrade Van Winkle

To awake to a Poland that is free and part of NATO rather than the Bloc must be stunning. When he started in his Coma the first George Bush was in office. The Soviet Union still existed and personal computers were still a novelty in the West. What a wonderful story. Reminds me that Dr. Kevorkian got out of jail this week. Poland however is for Life and Freedom. Stolat!


Dave S. said...

Poland also stands for secret CIA prisons and the use of government funding to investigate the sexual orientation of a fictional character.

Re Kevorkian, I would love to see the memory connection between Poland and Dr. Death established. As for myself, whenever I see Swiss cheese I am reminded of the Treaty of Westphalia, for obvious reasons.

jjv said...

You lack my holistic approach. This man's wife represents the culture of life. Dr. Kevorkian and his supporters are for the termination of people in this fellow's situation.

I am for secret CIA prisons to hold terrorists (not run by the CIA as it can not find its posterior with both hands). As for Tinky-Winky, that story was overblown (no pun intended). I presume if the Polish Government had put "R" ratings on smoking in movies that would be fine.

Dave S. said...

Every day I take time out to thank God for lacking your holistic approach.

I would like you to develop your argument for secret prisons and its relationship to the United States Constitution.

I have no idea what you mean about the smoking thing. Actually I find it ridiculous that smoking, drug use etc. are criticized simply for appearing in movies etc., as if by banning them from entertainment we have won the war on drugs. Ditto for the photoshopping of cigarettes out of people's hands for stamps and so forth. It is only a slight exaggeration to say that everyone used to smoke constantly (more so in Europe, and where do you think they got their Marlboros?).


I seem to have strayed somewhat. Sory about that.