Monday, June 18, 2007

Rushdie, to the Siege Perilous

From the Corner we get this story of the "Religion of Peace" declaring war on Britain for knighting Salman Rushdie. Rushdie is one of these people who, while being protected and cosseted by the West is always running it down. Margaret Thatcher's Britain gave him tremendous police protection against the Khomenists, but its always the same old fashionable left-wingism with him. He went to ground for a while but is now swanning around in the old manner. I haven't read any of his books but his opinions in papers and magazines are noxious enough.

He is now a "Knight Bachelor" and the Pakistanis are outraged. His fourth wife also should be on notice of the Bachelor designation but I bet she's more than cute when she's mad: Lakshimi is hindi for lotus, I'm pretty sure. Padma is hindi for princess (where'd you think Lucas got it?) She has appeared on Star Trek as a princess. So now he's assending the honors list so its not such a mismatch status wise.

In any event, my suggestion is that the Queen dig out the Siege Perilous and see how pure of heart old Sir Salman is. If he is a paragon, we get to find the Grail again, and if not, no need for war with Islam. Its win/win for Blighty says I.

UPDATE: Hey, the Islamicists are making offing liberals profitable!

I joke but the truly sad thing is that there are all these protests against the Queen but no outrage in the West on these murderous scum telling Her Majesty who she can knight or not. Where are all the people who tell us the dark night of censorship is descending on the U.S. under GWB? Surely they can spare a second for old Rushdie.

Oh, and as to CRH's comment he well knows I have not touched alcohol in many a moon. This post came to me naturally! I am horribly dissapointed that a reference to both Sir Salman's hot wife (with link) and Star Trek has done nothing for traffic or commentary. What is the world coming to?


CRH said...

Is it just me, or does this post have the odor of a 3-martini lunch to it?

Dave S. said...

We had always hoped it was the drink talking...

Since when has it been a matter of conservative principle to listen to every pronouncement by every two-bit fringe group as if it were the word of God? So to speak. Who is more delusional, those ranting about holy war or those who take the ranters at their word? Isn't it more rational to put these people and events into context and perspective so as to formulate a proper response?

Don't bother answering any of those questions.

jjv said...

Since I posted this Pakistan has exploded and learned men of Mohaddism have weighed in (sometimes against Fatwah thankfully) but never for free speech. I don't think this is the fringes. I hope Dave is right but I fear he is not. Also, still no comment on Rushdie's Star Trek involved wife? I was sure that would cause a mustering of the Geekhirrim but nothing!

Dave S. said...

Religious figures come out against free speech? Stop the presses! (Hey, that was kind of funny.) Really, what were you expecting?

My original point stands: So what?

Sorry I missed the signal bonfire on Padma Lakshmi. Apparently she was also in one of the Sharpe episodes. Are there actually Trek fans who will admit that Enterprise ever aired? Although Cinemax was interested in spinning off the decontamination chamber into its own series...