Friday, July 27, 2007

Whither Bat-Boy?

Grocery shoppers are in mourning this week over the imminent demise of the Weekly World News. Its disappearance from the checkout line will leave a void that no number of "Horoscopes for Your Cat" and second-rate tabloids proclaiming "Hollywood Actresses All Getting Really Skinny or Really Fat or Perhaps Both (Exclusive Photos!)" can fill.

Here are some classic headlines.

My personal favorite, back when I was working on student exchange programs with the former Soviet Union, was the article headlined "Boris Yeltsin: I'm in Love with Madonna," complete with doctored photo of Yeltsin arm in arm with the Material Girl. It also included a great "quote" from a disapproving "Yeltsin advisor":
Drinking, dancing and late-night carousing will not restore Russia to its former glory.
We can't say Yeltsin didn't give it his best shot (pun intended after all).

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Anonymous said...

One of my favorites, from the early 80's:

"Hitler, 93, alive in Argentina" with the subtitle "Masterminds the Falklands Invasion."

You know, I thought that had his fingerprints all over it. Especially the outcome.