Friday, August 24, 2007

Mickey and Existential Despair.

Disney instituted "gay day" sometime ago and Walt is still spinning. Now they have instituted a "Goth Day" called Batday. I was going to make fun of it but then it occurred to me. The original Mickey, especially is all black except where he has a chalk white face and gloves is pretty darn Goth, at least sartorially.

Indeed Mickey appears to have been a Goth all along! Seems a little cheery for that demographic but I sense that a lot of youth who dabble in this stuff have absolutely no idea of its existential underpinnings.

In fact, very few things strike me as more American (in the sense that they could happen nowhere else) than youthful cheery Goths drawn to wholesome amusement. Cheerful Goths like Mickey.

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Dave S. said...

I would like to hear Sisters of Mercy cover "It's a Small World."

For a minute there I was worried we wouldn't have any August postings! I may be able to fit something in tomorrow.