Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The New Republic's Greatest Post Ever

For many years the New Republic was a magazine I read regularly. Under the sainted Michael Kelly I read it avidly. Back when Andrew Sullivan the editor, somewhat conservative and less monomaniachially gay it was also good. Marty Peretz, strangely a die hard supporter of both Al Gore and muscular foreign policy, also made it worth reading especially on the middle east.

Of late, as it has withered under the undending assault of the move-on/kossite Left I consult it less often. Its blog the Plank has also suffered embarrassing factual errors and fake stories from Iraq of atrocities.

All is forgiven.

Here Michelle Cottle says something about men and marriage that if said in National Review (where I first saw it) would have caused a fire storm. I will offer no opinion on its substance leaving that to others. But that is not the best part of this post. The best part is the comment section. The back and forth about Jared Diamond and dating is priceless. I have an interest in socio/biology and its basically conservative teachings. (See previous posts on subject) Diamond's book, which supported the liberal argument of nurture over nature was a revelation. I also like that the comments sections take the post in the spirit it was offered and have fun rather than dry, joy-killing comments on how its so not true or demeans somebody.

I will now walk the Plank more frequently.

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Dave S. said...

It's been quite a while since I read JFD's masterwork but I don't recall the "nurture over nature" angle. Frankly I remember it coming down to circumstances of location trumping everything. Granted, I keep forgetting to use the ideological prisms when reading so I will not swear to that.