Saturday, October 13, 2007


And, truth aside, the coolest d*mn Church on the face of the earth. Here we have the Vatican digging around and finding a 700 year old document absolving the Knights Templar of heresy. Oops.

Not only do we have 700 year old documents on one of the greatest trials of the millenium, a kind of Wests for the Canon Law set, we have the evil Philipp IV (Phillip the Fair, and believe me that referred only to his complexion). We also have the end of the legendary Knights Templar. The last Grand Master of the Knights, Jacques Molay was tortured and burned at the stake by Phillip. Clement V disbanded the Order.

Now the whole trial, the evidence of heresey and the rest of it can be yours for a mere $8500. Helps if you know the language the title of this post is in however. It does not appear to be a translation.

The Knights Templar were only one (albeit the coolest) of the "militant orders", that is warrior monks of the medieval era. The Knights Hospitallers still exist, as do other orders. The vastness of the Church, its reach back into time and into every area of the globe is simply awe inspiring. No wonder it inspires so many conspiracy theories.

The Caesers, Merigovians, Bourbons, Jacobins, Communists, Fascists and 4 of France's 5 Republics are gone. But the Pope is still in Rome, piling fascinating stuff up in the attic until Kingdom Come.

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