Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Marry, Bopf, Kill-Anne Applebaum, Tina Fey, Naomi Campbell

On Tina Fey's tremendous 30 Rock, the show that causes me to believe Alec Baldwin is a comic genius, the staff plays a game wherein 3 persons are named and the responder must choose one and only one to marry, one and only one to bopf for a night, and one to kill.

This game is hilarious. (Many would spell Bopf, "Boff" but those people would be doing it wrong).

Anne Applebaum consistently writes tremendous op-eds on foreign affairs. I have not gotten through her book on the Gulag yet but (from surreptitious viewing in bookstores) it is also great. That her work appears in primarily liberal outlets and that she is not a right-winger but a liberal anti-communist when the breed had been thought extinct is really a wonder.

Tina Fey is used to geek boy crushes going so far as to pose in her underwear in some nerd magazine I saw on the stands and did not buy despite slander you may have heard.

Naomi Campbell has disgraced herself with Hugo Chavez, Marxist Dwarf.

Hence, the title gives the correct answer Marry-Anne Applebaum; Bopf-Tina Fey; and Naomi behind this door we have some lovely prizes!


Jordan said...

On 30 Rock's website on NBC.com it is spelled "Boff."

Dave S. said...

JVV is attempting to subvert the dominant paradigm. Why he is trying to do it via this blog is beyond me.

jjv said...


"pf" is inherently funnier than "ff." Further, it is more descriptive and less prone to being confused with the sound a thrown pillow makes. Finally, it would look much cooler in a cartoon bubble above a picture of the act, in the manner of the 1960's Batman show.

Anonymous said...

I am under the impression that this is a longtime game and is commonly called "F-, Chuck or Marry".

The Hoff said...

No one else on the planet spells boff "bopf".

Nice blog, tho....