Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Noted Without Comment

JJV is being watched.

h/t to The Cunning Realist


Anonymous said...

PTM's of the World Unite! This the same bedwetting liberal pap I have come to expect from those hipper than though slaves to the current wisdom who told us 1) the Soviets were not out to get us (despite years of Party pronouncements and wars to the contrary); 2) we were doomed to fall before them; 3) we were really the bad buys anyway and deserved to lose and/or 4) we were converging in values and only "hardliners" on either side were causing our disagreements. In the words of Bugs Bunny, patriot, "What a Maroon." Going to Jordan in search of hostile Moslems is like going to the Mall of America for anti-materialists. I, PTM extrordinaire, have represented the freaking Bank of Jordan. If Jordan is what hostile Moslems look like I want more of them. You know I heard Americans don't like the French or Europeans but hey, I didn't find any of that in Boston! Jeez.

Dave S. said...

You can't hide from Leviathan by posting anonymously but using the same writing style as your somewhat-less-anonymous moniker, JJV. Truly you are a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in The Weekly Standard.

jjv said...

For some reason I could not post under my moniker, it was not an attempt at persiflage. Here however, is a more measured response to this type of argument. http://rossdouthat.theatlantic.com/archives/2008/02/the_two_faces_of_neoconservati.php

My favorite line? "I'm not using "reaction" perjoritively."