Saturday, April 05, 2008

Keeping Our Priorities Straight

Recently our family traveled to Cancun for a relaxing 4 days or so of pools, beaches and (for the adults) rum drinks. Relaxation was necessary after scanning the TSA regulations for what is allowed and prohibited for air travel. We actually have not flown for a couple of years since 1) we didn't need to and 2) we have small children (see number 1), so we were not aware that, in fact, the terrorists have won. A minor consolation: Cheese-Whiz is allowed.

A great nation has been brought to its traveling knees by a single incident in which a man attempted to blow up a plane using his shoes. Unless I have missed the Business Week stories about the spread of Payless Shoe-Bombs stores throughout the increasing swath of the world that is understandably wondering what the hell is wrong with us these days, the response to this single incident has been disproportionate and I found myself apologizing to my two-year-old son for having to take off his shoes at 5:30 in the morning when he clearly and justifiably wanted nothing to do with it.

However, as long as Ritz Crackers and suitably blunt cheese knives are still allowed, I guess that's just A-OK.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Dave.

My daughter's favorite part of airplane travel is taking off her shoes (and preferably keeping them off). And she is hoping the airlines institute a "no socks" rule soon.

Good to know about Cheese (Cheez?) Whiz, though in my experience it can be deadly. (Don't sit behind anyone with a can of the stuff!)