Thursday, April 03, 2008


There was a time when JJV might have linked to this, in homage to the Pillars of the British Empire, even if this particular example was a female, frenchified pillar.

Follow the link to the 2006 story for more on her wartime activities.

I have to admit, the story caught my eye because the British underestimated her (stinking British), but the British Intelligence operations of WWII had a reputation for flexibility, and they clearly were able to bring themselves to make use of her when she proved capable. Of course, they were only asking her to lead a bunch of communists.



jjv said...

Good get, I think I sent this to Dave. Great to see you here. I am stunned night unto silence. Nigh.

You forgot to add, "french communists."

Dave S. said...

You mean "freedom communists." Or am I getting confused here?