Saturday, May 10, 2008

57 Wonderful Varieties of States.

Barack Obama in this clip claims to have been to 57 states during the campaign. You know, if he wore a flag pin he might have noticed we have 50 states. To bad only false patriots and hypocrites know how many states there are in the Union. Had a Republican made this error we would never hear the end of it. Perhaps Obama is "losing his bearings?" Perhaps all that diner food has him staring at Heinz's 57 varieties too often?

On the other hand, perhaps this is some signal to those imperialists amongst us who want to expand the country. On to Alberta!

No Obama will not diminish America buy the tired old politics of the past when we had 50 states!

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Dave S. said...

Your last sentence should decide which of six or seven sentences it wants to be.