Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey You Guys!!!

I am glad to see that PBS is preparing a new version of The Electric Company. I imagine, however, that in the intervening years there will be some changes:

1) Silent E will no longer have the right to remain silent and in at least one episode will be rendered to an unspecified foreign country.

2) The show will be renamed The Loosely-Regulated Coal-Fired Monopolistic Utility Behemoth or Would You Rather It Was Nuclear.

3) Letterman will have a bald, musically-inclined sidekick.

In doing the "research" for this post I learned that the original show employed Mel Brooks, Morgan Freeman, Gene Wilder, Zero Mostel, Joan Rivers and Rita Moreno, who opened the show by shouting this post's title.

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Mike said...

I understand that Fargo North, Decoder was yanked out of pre-production by the Pentagon for ongoing cryptography work in Afghanistan. His cousin--Rapid C. South, Decoder--will fill in temporarily for all of the show's vitally important decoding duties.