Friday, May 23, 2008

Hilary Loses It

I have always felt the "Hillary, had Vince Foster killed" crowd was nuts. Take a look at this quote however. There have been hundreds of articles on "why she stays in. Now, it appears she is just waiting for her hired guns to take him out! This has to be the worst thing any politician has ever said concerning an opponant.

Update: The sober minded conservatives at Powerline agree with the comments here and not me or the good Post.


Dave S. said...

You read a bit too much into that, but between you and the Post that's par for the course. At any rate, what she meant (something could happen to Obama, no more, no less) was bad enough without the overtones you attribute. Good Lord.

Anonymous said...

Not much Hill says surprises me anymore (depresses, yes; surprises, no), though this may top the list. Still, methinks you read waaaay too much into it and much as I am not a Hillary fan these days (as you well know), I don't think she would ever order a hit on anyone (not even on Bill). Please stop fanning the flames.

Dave S. said...

Powerline wins today's Blind Squirrel Award.