Sunday, June 15, 2008

One More for the Masthead

I am pleased to note that EMM has accepted our invitation to join the blog team. I have not been cleared to provide any information on our newest colleague but I expect a variety of interesting posts to be forthcoming. As always, the number to beat is one.

Also, note that I have begun the process of re-composing the blogrolls, using a nifty new "Blog List" feature. For format considerations we are showing five of a particular colleague's favorite blogs/sites at a time, but click "Show All" to do the obvious.

Speaking of blogrolls, I eagerly await submissions from CRH, JCF and EMM.

Sadly, the Wayback Machine was of no use in my task. Truly it has gone to the dogs.


J. said...

Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. EMM has her work cut out for her.

Sorry to hear about the Wayback Machine. (Did an article about it a while back. You wouldn't believe the storage capacity that thing needs. Or maybe you would.) Btw, while it did appear on "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show," it was Sherman and Mr. Peabody who used it.

Dave S. said...

I believe most if not all of the masthead grew up on those cartoons. I made the association with Bullwinkle since both came from the same source, but my last sentence alluded to the actual users of the WBM.

J. said...

It did, indeed. My apologies. Though as a figment of your imagination (per JJV), I do not believe I am required to apologize, unless you want me to.