Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"C" is not for Cookie

My hat is off to Wonkette for finding this gem of a viral video.

Oh, and for the non-lawyers in the crowd, generally speaking, defamation is the issuance of a false statement about another person, which causes that person to suffer harm. Libel involves the making of defamatory statements in a printed or fixed medium, such as a magazine or newspaper.

However, the most important defense to an action for defamation is "truth", which is an absolute defense to an action for defamation.


jjv said...

At least he didn't cut off his wife's clitoris like Obama did in keeping with his Muslim religion.

J. said...

I believe that's libel, Mr. V. Shame on you, counselor.

I think I am one of those few women who aren't bothered by the "c" word. (Sticks and stones may break my bones...) Though it's not something I would want my husband to call me, especially in public.

Loved the video. I have some of my own takes, but as I don't like printing the word, won't type them here.

Anonymous said...

I despise that word. Utterly despise it. It seems to always be uttered in a hateful vindictive way.

I'm not voting for McCain, but I can understand why this isn't all over the media. The video is OK, but IMHO the reason that the report hasn't gotten the "Reverend Wright" treatment is that the stories just aren't comparable. In short, there isn't enough to the McCain story to make the allegation with journalistic integrity. An unauthorized biographer claims that three Arizona reporters told him about the incident on condition of anonymity? OK, mention it in the book. But unless a witness steps forward, there just isn't enough to make a national news story out of this.

And I'll discount JJV's comment as an ill-advised attempt at humor.


Dave S. said...

That particular word's sound is very harsh which makes it a particularly effective curse, as well as very difficult if not impossible to say without a hostile overtone.

As far as the incident's value for reporting, it's just another sign of McCain's maverickynessositytude or, at worst for him, part of the known issue of his famous (and maverickesquelike) temper.

JJV will be on political autopilot through early November and probably beyond, so get set for more of the same.

Lietzy said...

First, I agree that the "C" word is the atomic bomb of curse words, and do not ever use the term myself. That is why the story (whether true or not) that McCain used the "C" word to refer to his wife is noteworthy.

Second, the video is funny.

Third, doesn't it trouble you that McCain, with his famous temper, has not flown into a fit of righteous indignation and rage that anyone would dare to suggest such a thing? That he hasn't immediately threatened retributive lawsuits against those who would dare to publish such filth?

And fourth, isn't it the media's duty to ask McCain the question? It can be asked in a tasteful way, without actually uttering the word (something along the lines of "there is a viral video circulating that suggests that you used certain profane language towards your wife in 1992. Do you deny using the particular profane language that the video suggests that you used?"). A simple yes or no would suffice.

To that same end, why isn't the media directly asking McCain about the circumstances under which he came to be married to his current wife?

jjv said...

First, yes I was joking. The crowd that is so concerned about "falsehoods" about Obama is happy to sling this around. (also a non-sourced incident from 1992 is pretty thin gruel even for the frothers). The reason they are not asking about his first wife is that it has been gone over in detail for years and he admits its his entire fault, further the ex-wife supports his presidential run, gets along with him and his new wife and all his kids come home so there is no "giuliani' issue.

Dave S. said...

McCain is smart to not respond to this kind of thing as it would only draw attention (and a certain amount of legitimacy?) to the story.

The media's duty in re McCain is to jockey for position on the Straight Talk Express and regurgitate campaign talking points.

The circumstances of the staunchly pro-family-values McCain's second marriage are not relevant to the campaign. On the other hand, his use of his wife's money and airplane for campaign purposes is more than fair game.

Melanie said...

I read about this on Wonkette several weeks ago and have only this to say: not only did he bust out the "c" word on his wife, he busted out the "c" word on his WEALTHY TROPHY WIFE.

Anger management issues? Senility? Or just plain stupid?

Dave S. said...

Melanie, I will continue to fight the Global War on Manicheanism (GWOM) by suggesting that any combination of those three would work.

That being said, the "Cindy's internal monologue" part of the video was great.

J. said...

My spouse, to whom I just showed the clip, and who has never called me the "c" word (at least not to my face) said, and I quote: "Who cares? She probably is."