Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Beautiful People...

How do they do it...Pelosi and do they manage to look so put together all the time? This post is not about politics...if you'd like to have Marilyn Manson going through your head as you read this, be my guest (the beautiful people...the beautiful people).

I saw a picture of Nancy Pelosi this morning and she looked great. Sarah Palin, not a hair out of place. How is this possible? Do they have stylists lying in wait? Should there be an investigation? "Stylegate"...are your tax dollars being spent on perfectly coiffed and made-up politicians? Remember when the country was aghast that Bill Clinton was having his hair cut and tying up flights?

Don't get me wrong, I try. Today, I paid to have my fingers and toes professionally done and I spend enough on the hair cut and (shhhhh) highlights to feel slightly guilty about it. Tomorrow, I'll go to work in a nice suit, wear not so sensible pumps and by lunch will look like I never combed my hair or put on make up. Not sure how that happens, sitting at a desk or walking through the lobby of my hotel.

With the exception of getting ready to go on-air, I don't see any foofing/fluffing of our politicians (of course, I have not googled nor fact checked this). Is the press so discreet that they don't photograph this activity...or does it all take place behind closed doors?

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J. said...

I say it high time for a high Stylegate investigation, EMM. Fancy haircuts, coifs, and manis and pedis do not come cheap. And where exactly is that money coming from, the taxpayers?! Even some of the men in Congress look a little too coiffed and nail buffed for my tastes. It's time to go under the hairdryer and investigate!