Thursday, September 25, 2008

Epic Flail

I originally developed this as a comment to this post but wanted to expand its audience by one or two readers (no offense John C!).

We have been so conditioned to think that Republicans have a lock on brilliant politics that we excuse most anything that happens in the McCain campaign. What is becoming increasingly clear is that the wheels are off this particular bus and there is no grand sinister plan a la Karl Rove. All Obama has to do is remember what Napoleon said about not getting in the way while your enemy is making a mistake. Napoleon was not specific about what to do when your enemy refuses to stop making mistakes, however.

The narrative is increasingly about the McCain campaign tactics as it lurches about like an off-duty Navy pilot in a Florida strip club at 3AM (no idea where I got that from). Even the most sycophantic MSM types are being forced to note this.

This may actually be all the McCain campaign has to offer: a series of "unforced errors" followed by dueling "I meant to do that" and "Obviously I didn't mean that exactly" from various campaign representatives, while the principals attempt to avoid what should be a day (actually two days) of reckoning by attempting to push one debate to the date currently occupied by the other debate. Subtle.


jjv said...

As I understand it the One was hemming and hawing over a joint statement. McCain has kept it close when he should be dead by now. He is driving the Obamites (and indeed the Republicans) nuts. I do not know the politics of it. However, I do know McCain is percieved as necessary in a crisis and nobody in the Senate or Congress thinks that about Obama. If anyone notices this the Grand High Mufti of Change, the Prince of "Present," the Disciple of Diversity is in trouble. I expect McCain to lose but he does appear to lead while Obama remains a cipher.

Dave S. said...

Kindly cite your sources for the "perceived as necessary" angle. My sense is that McCain's stunt was interpreted as, well, a stunt by most everyone involved, especially for someone who is almost proud of not knowing much about economics.

Now, if there was a crisis demanding a strident kneejerk reaction I'd pay his bus fare so he could make it.

J. said...

I second that motion. I've been watching cable news (too much cable news) and reading the MSP and for once it seems that everyone agrees that McCain, who btw hasn't voted on ANYTHING since April, was NOT necessary and actually may have been a hindrance to the bailout/machination on Capitol Hill. Btw, I AGREE with what Republican Senator Richard Shelby said last night on MSNBC (and elsewhere) about he rather have no plan than a bad plan. But having McCain and Obama hanging around is just gumming up the works.

Get thee to Mississippi, John McCain, post haste!

jjv said...

Well, Harry Reid asked for him to come and so did Paulson. Nobody asked Obama, except MCain. Now I have no view on the package (an unusual feeling for me, but I don't think there is any reason to believe Paulson did not think he'd help and of course Reid was posturing and changed his tune to suit Democratic needs when McCain actually came to help. Please link to the cries from all sides to have the community organizer come fix things!

Dave S. said...

This Post article from yesterday includes the sentence:

Bush also invited congressional leaders as well as presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama to meet with him at the White House [Thursday].

And now for your strawman: I made no reference to Obama's presence in DC being necessary for resolving this crisis.

Re Paulson and Reid asking McCain to show up: Does the phrase "kindly cite sources" ring a bell?

jjv said...

Unfair, bob Schiffer reported it and I can neither find nro link to cbs news. Reid is all over the place but I have no time to link.

Dave S. said...

Governor Palin, please get up from JJV's desk and let him get back to work.

J. said...


Anonymous said...

Just in time (before the liquor stores close), I received this suggestion from blog reader "Lietzy": "I think I am going to play a drinking game during the debate -- and drink every time McCain says 'my friends.' That will ensure that I will be good and wasted by the time it is mercifully over." Excellent advice, Lietzy.

One thing is sure-- Lietzy got wasted.