Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crispian and Balaclava the Same Day?

Did Everybody know this? I never made the connection.

I saw the polls then read Harry's speach. Agincourt? Balacalava? or the Alamo?

I am reminded of Bone's McCoy's statement that in a battle of good over evil, evil usually wins unless Good is very, very careful. John McCain is not a careful man.


Dave S. said...

There is no connection besides that of coincidence. The Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava was the result of a horrific combination of poor communication and clashing personalities in which no guns were actually captured and removed by the British. Check out The Reason Why for the whole fascinating story (spoiler alert: Flashman doesn't show up).

Anonymous said...

Of course Flashy doesn't show up - but I believe that his heart was in the right place, at least in accorance with Dave's post today. For not for nothing was he known as "thundering Flash."

Leading Lord Haw-Haw to remonstrate: "Cannot you contain yourself, you disgusting fellow?"