Monday, October 13, 2008

Fire That Trooper

I note that EMM has posted regarding the Alaskan "Troopergate" report. I believe it to be a hit job by politically motivated sorts. This link pionts to something interesting however. Regardless of whether this Trooper was harrassing Palin, he sounds like a guy who ought not to be on the force. In fact, he sounds exactly like the type of guy liberals are always caterwauling about after they cap a suspect a little too quickly.

Moreover, Rezcko is singing and the Sainted Fitgerald is investigating. What will be the reaction if Obama fires Fitgerald if he is elected? Outrage from all here? Why do I suspect that is not the case?

The rules are simple, a mote in a conservative's eye will be pecked to death while the beam in the liberals makes him look Presidential.

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