Monday, October 13, 2008

How Much Democrat Governance Can We Afford?

Obama, when not hobknobbing with bombers of the Pentagon, likes to say the "last 8 years" have been an economic failure. As this chart reminds us, its actually the last 2 years, and what happened 2 years ago? Ah, yes Pelosi.

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Anonymous said...

No one in the McCain campaign wants to bring these things up. They don't want to bring up Obama's comments that he wants to "redistribute" wealth. That he got his start in the home of an unrepentent terrorist. That his past actions show he does not support our right to defend our selves. That he hasn't reigned in his supporters when they called Sarah Palin the "C" word. And that he has no expereince. Maybe these ads are being aired elswhere, but not in VA. It's McCain's to loose, and I'm affraid he's doing that well.

Dave P.