Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Liberal Fascism and Obama

JCF's Post below put me in mind of nothing so much as Jonah Goldberg's book "Liberal Fascism" linked to above. I thought it a very interesting historical analysis but perhaps over-determined, and like "Fascism" itself, ill-defined. However, with the rise of Obama we really start to see it.

We have

1. A cult of personality with the leader's attributes elevated beyond any rational critical assessment.

2. A conscious program of change to transform the old (corrupt) ways.

3. The State elevated far beyond bounds accepted in the Anglo-American tradition.

4. A cult of nature/environment that replaces, and indeed, derides orthodox religion.

5. An intolerance of dissent that goes so far as the use of the law to silence critics.

6. The scapegoating of successful members of society to heal the woes of the rest (higher taxes on the wealthy are patriotic).

7. A young leader who associates with violent elements of the society.

8. A cooption of business elites to fund the Party with the hopes of government protection while also relying on union support (including the elimination of the secret ballot in union elections).

9. Government control of business (but see GWB, Banks).

10. A conscious promotion of the culture of death, "punished with a baby" as the new "leben unwertes Leben". http://www.nrlc.org/news/2005/NRL04/Unworthy.html

11. Assertion that the tide of history demands ones elevation and policies. "This is our time" v. "the future belongs to us."

Obamism lacks the militarism associated with fascism however. I note he has scrubbed his website of the more, uh.., unusual aspects of his call for a civilian corp as powerful as the military.

It also strikes me that Obama himself is not an Obamaist. From his comments, demeanor and writings he strikes me as some one who shrinks from a lot of this. His followers are another matter. The fainting, the shrieking, the "I've never been proud of racist America before types." Its unbelievable.

Obviously, if the paramount leader is not on board with the whole thing, and you are in America it will not be Orwell's dystopia. Its more like the annoying, circumscribed, nannyish governments of Europe.

Obamaism, a bicycle helmet pressing down on your head forever.

Update: In case my ending to this post wasn't clear I also agree with this:


The danger is not Mussolini's Italy, but today's Sweden.


Dave S. said...

Words fail. If only you had the same problem.

Dave S. said...

Look, if we go after Sweden they'll immediately slap an Allen wrench embargo on us and we'll be SOL.

EMM said...

I've saved my allen wrenches from IKEA, in case anyone needs to borrow one. I also have a supply of vanilla extract for holiday baking.

My sharing is not meant in a communal mine is yours, spreading the wealth kind of way. I'm just being nice.

JJV, I'm going to start using the bicycle helmet comment. Thank you for making me laugh out loud.