Friday, November 07, 2008

Mea Culpa!

Sometimes I'm a little slow. Cute, smart, funny, cupcake baking, stiletto wearing, right voting and baseball loving, yes. But, I am an idiot at times.

My apologies to JWT who chimed in on our live-blogging experiment. I did not realize that JWT is one of my dearest friends and in doing so, took his comments about my weeping while doing CRH's dishes totally wrong.

My snarky comment about his bitterness and crankiness were directed to someone I thought to be a stranger. Now that I know the source, I find them to be funny. Thank you JWT for sending your underground messages of support!

God bless Julia Child, I'd never make it as an undercover agent.

My conscience is now clear.


Anonymous said...

Your apology is accepted, although it raises some questions I had at the time--specifically, a description of the riotous scene in the CRH apartment. As far as the actual election was concerned, I admit that got an inkling of the way it was going from other news outlets. I suppose that once the seal on the scotch was cracked, a source or two must have been dropped from Dave S' and CRH's reporting, namely you. I note that Tim Russert never would have let that happen, though.


EMM said...

JWT - my host and the rest of the party were nothing but gracious to me. Perhaps they were doing the silent "we won" happy dance in the kitchen or at the computer.

I also recognized the writing on the wall and chose not to post because I was disappointed and at a loss for words.

Tim Russert and his white board predictions were missed. His son Luke, lumpy and frumpy (yet lovable) like his dad has a long way to go as a reporter.

Go Bills! (even though they were beat this week). Hey, there is always another week and there will be another set of elections to look forward to.

I'm sure we'll have a rousing Thanksgiving with at least 3 of the 5 P4500's in attendance. CRH, are you in?