Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zima- Fifteen years too many.

If you market an alcoholic product that I will not even try when drunk at 3 in the morning you are not going to have a success on your hands. Also, no one told me Coors and Miller had merged. This is a crisis. Coors I will drink, Miller has spent a long time catering to liberals. What to do, what to do?


J. said...

Drink Fat Tire.

EMM said...

Black Market FT might be difficult...but well worth it!

I suggest Anchor Steam or Sierra Nevada (a dear friend of our once called SN the "budweiser of our friends"), however they're both brewed in California and I don't know if the hippie left in San Francisco gets into the brew.

What about the Saranac Brewery? Our home state's beer is a nice option.

CRH - we need your beer post again!!!

merlot rino said...

I usually drink Molson while watching the Redskins get beat by a NFC East rival. However, yesterday, I ran into a classic dilemma of lesser evils on tap: Miller Lite, or Buttwiper.

The choice was clear: Miller Lite.

But that was watching football. Say I was at an inaugural ceremony for our next president. I don't know, a glass of Merlot?